9 Spiritual Laws for Business

These spiritual laws of business come from my experience over more than a decade of working with 5,000 + entrepreneurs.

1. The value of your contribution to the world is measured through the revenues your clients pay you. It’s not a judgment but consider it a description of how you’re impacting the world.

2. It’s not the money that makes you do your business. And whatever “it” is won’t just go away, so it’s advisable that you do something with it as “it” is coming from who you are because it is your soul trying to express your purpose. It’s important to look at the money and set up systems to support it, but your “it” factor goes far beyond making merely money.

3. Keep yourself interested in what you do and get faster business results by aligning everything you do with who you are from the inside out. When you are expressing your soul’s purpose, it’s easy to keep engaged with what you’re doing and obstacles don’t have the same power to stop you or even slow you down.

4. Don’t rest on past victories (that was yesterday); being present today is what matters. Being stuck in the past potentially causes you to resist what is happening in the now, as well as miss opportunities. Release the attachment with what was in order to make the most of what is now.

5. Your ability to manifest is reflected in your business. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it’s time to gain clarity and do something different. The more clear you are as a business owner, the more clear your business is in every way.

6. Honor time. Wasting time, whether yours or a client’s, is worse than wasting money; time is priceless. Money you can make again, but time is the one thing you can’t get back – ever. Make sure you’re spending it in the best way to serve you – and your client – by living and working from your personal truths.

7. Seeing the possibility in everything is one of the greatest assets of an entrepreneur – it’s also one of the greatest distractions. When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. Make sure you are saying yes to the inspiration that expresses who you are in action without taking away from what you’ve already got going.

8. When you’re engaged in the business which expresses who you are, you don’t have time to worry about the little things anymore. If you have time to worry about things that won’t matter in a week or a month, much less a year from now, it’s fairly likely that you’re not living and working on track with your purpose.

9. Surround yourself only with what pulls you forward – make sure to consistently upgrade your sources of energy in your environment, relationships and personal practices to make sure your business reflects consistent growth and integrity. As you do this, you may discover that you have to let things go… remember, these are leftovers from who you used to be, not who you are now, and so, they don’t serve you in your next level of growth.