9 Headline Structures That Work

1. The Question: “Are You Afraid That Your Life Will Never Be What You Want?”

Questions invite dialogue with your reader, and they will try to answer the question in their heads. Sometimes the question provokes them into wanting to know more, because your answer might be better than theirs. Ask questions that engage the conversation already happening in their minds, rather than asking something like: “Don’t You Want to Know What My Latest Program Is?”

2. The Transaction: “Discover Your Untapped Soul Power to Create Dramatic Positive Change and Focus Your Business Direction in 45 Minutes Or Less!”

Ask something from your reader in return for a promised benefit.

3. The How-to: “How to Create a Successful Soul-Driven Business Easily”

People want to know how to do things on their own; this is an example of a benefits headline technique.

4. The Command: “Start Your Entrepreneurial Business Today!”

This is a strong benefits-driven statement that compels people into taking immediate action.

5. The Testimonial: “Lynn Scheurell’s Mentorship Has Doubled My Business in Less Than Three Weeks!” (Note: that’s a real one, by the by…)

People like to be around success, especially success that other people like them have experienced. It’s the “real” story about what you do / offer. Let their words tell your story.

6. Specific Current Event: “How to Not Do Things “Stupidly” In Your Business”

Tie into a current news trend and/or cite specific numbers or statistics in your headline for credibility and proof that you are on the leading edge of what’s happening.

7. The News: “Introducing My New Teleseries on Business Intuition!”

This is only for something that’s actually news worthy to the reader – it must be something that will improve the quality of life and/or business.

8. The Proposition: “You Can Create A Living By Being You… IF You Know How to Package Yourself!”

A proposition is where you make a statement that the reader already believes in, and then show the implications of that statement for the reader (a benefit of your solution).

9. The Curiosity Tease: “How A Highly Sensitive Person Made Her First Six Figures By Escaping the Rules and Following Her Bliss”

Get the reader’s natural curiosity into what you are going to share by telling a mini-story in the headline.