8 Ways to Accelerate Personal Development

1. Know what you know.

In order to optimize the expression of who you are in the world through your business, you have to “know what you know”. That is, you must access and utilize what your “gut” tell you – no one else can do it for you. It is the only true decision-making process that you need, if you’re doing it right.

2. Speak your truth.

What’s true isn’t necessarily a truth… think about that one. For example, while today is nice, it may not be tomorrow, but the sun will rise today and the sun will rise tomorrow – that’s the difference. Truth doesn’t change. Be expressive and compassionate in honestly saying what needs to be said.

3. Personal power.

Tapping into and making decisions from your personal power source requires you to develop an inner relationship with that source. If you’re tapped in, you’re tuned in… and that’s the clearest path to showing up more effectively in the world.

4. Master priorities management.

There isn’t really such a thing as time management, because time marches on – it doesn’t really respond to commands. But you can, and must, determine what’s urgent (the ‘911’-types), what’s important (essential but patiently waiting for you), and the non-essential (why bother?). If you aren’t working the “critical inch” of your business, your business isn’t working for you.

5. Distill to the essence.

Everything you do matters everything. And the way you do it does as well…make sure that you are focusing on the core activities, relationships and spirit of what’s vital for you to feel good about your work AND your life.

6. Look at your mirrors.

That is, everything that is in your outer world is mirroring what’s in your inner world – “as without is within”. Consider your relationships, how you spend your time and energy, what you think about, the language you use, your environment… any place you experience something that is “off” or no longer reflects who you are is a learning / healing opportunity for your own personal “quickening”.

7. Examine your internal world.

Just as the outer world has mirrors for you, look within for stuck places, body clues, numerical threads (such as moving every two years) and habitual thought or behavioral patterns that no one else can see, but are clearly in the process of manifesting in your external world. Once you identify what’s going on, you are now at conscious choice to release or create it.

8. Do a ritual.

Rituals are a big name for something really simple – essentially, it’s sacred time set aside for something that matters. Everyone has early morning rituals, for example – from we get up to brush our teeth and start our day in the same way to our meditation practices. In this case, you can create and use a ritual, or sacred act with focused time, to release whatever is holding you back from your best and highest good. For example, you may want to write out whatever is not working for you on a piece of paper, then burn it to release that energy to the universe, while saying a prayer that anchors your intentions for the ritual. A note of caution: be careful for what you ask for, because you will get it!