5 Steps to Making ‘It’ Happen

“Business more than any other occupation is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.” ~ Henry R. Luce

When you hit the turning point of wanting “it” in your conscious business (or life!), you’re on the verge of big magic. Getting to the turning point is a big enough deal in and of itself, because you’ve had to get full enough of what you don’t want any more to know that it’s time to claim something different. That turning point can be precipitated by pain, trauma, tragedy, endings or a desire for something better. But, for now, let’s assume that you’ve hit that turning point and made the decision you want “it” – your new desire – to happen. What happens now?

1. The decision of wanting “it” puts into motion some new ideas in your mind. They may not make a lot of sense, but that’s simply your internal systems gearing up creatively to give you options. At this point, it’s a good idea to keep a journal or list of all the ideas that come in, regardless of their “whacky” factor. You just don’t know yet what’s going to be helpful and make sense as you get further into the process.

2. You’ll likely notice as those ideas present themselves to you that you have some feelings about them. This is the emotional firepower that can guide you to taking the next best step, and it gives the ideas the energy to begin manifesting in physical form. A caveat for you: make sure that the emotions do not turn into judgments, limitations, kick off habitual and conditioned thinking or are an imprint of someone else’s emotional energy. If any one of those becomes the case, it will distort your outcomes because you will either censor yourself or create from your history or reflect something other than your own true desire. (There are ways to handle all of those, but that’s also another conversation…)

3. You will feel compelled to start taking action on the ideas that have produced an emotionally positive feeling. This is what some would call taking “inspired action”, and it is this type of action that produces results that exceed what one would expect in doing them. The reason is that any time you do something from pure inspiration, you invoke the power of the universe to support you, so it lines up all kinds of resources to help you as you take action. A key question to ask yourself is: “am I taking the best right action I can at this moment to get me to what I want?” Listening to the answer will always guide you to your next best step.

4. Access and recognize your connection to your source energy to help you. Notice the synchronicities, “accidents”, and “coincidences” that bring new situations, relationships or resources into your experience. By allowing the universe “wiggle room” to help you, you are actually harnessing the power of the universe on your behalf. Be open to noticing and receiving what comes to you.

5. You will see signs of the manifestation of “it”. This can take the form of material objects, but also, and maybe more importantly, this can also take the form of enhanced relationships, a new bounce in your step, a certain vitality to your business, or any other number of expressions that show you that “it” has started to come in and/or arrived.

One last note: if you’re getting unexpected results that aren’t what you wanted, it’s important to be open to self-reflection to discover the gifts of what you DID manifest. If your results are somehow anti-climactic, you could be still in process OR there could have been non-clarity in one of these steps. If you took actions that didn’t feel good, or ignored potentially key components to success from the universe, you have just sabotaged your journey and your results. Or, if your results are bigger than what you asked for, it could be that you didn’t ask for enough. In any case, that’s cause for celebration and gratitude!