7 Website Mistakes

When I do website reviews of my client’s websites, there are seven mistakes that are easily avoidable. Use this list to review your own website (or, better yet, have someone you trust do it with you for a more objective point of view).

1. The headline is small, vague, insignificant, offers no big promise or boring.

2. There is no clear call to action; people don’t know what you want them to do.

3. The contact information is limited to a web form to submit your info rather than including a phone number or direct email.

4. The navigation is hard to work with and/or the look and feel isn’t inviting for people to stay on the site to peruse your information.

5. The formatting on the site is sloppy, uneven or “juvenile” (edges aren’t clean, the font changes size, the colors get weird, etc.).

6. The core marketing message is vague and people don’t know what you really do / offer.

7. The site is all about you and how you do what you do (the techniques) vs. being about the prospective client and the benefits they receive from your solution.