6 Ways to Pay Attention to Intuition

1. Pay attention to spontaneous, unsolicited “messages”.

These can be anything from a particular but different feeling to an unusual hankering to do something to hearing something that strikes a nerve somehow to an opportunity that comes in out of the blue. Hunches aren’t always “feel good” actions, but they usually will lead to outcomes that get you or the situation to a better place.

2. Look for the “counter-intuitive” in a given situation.

If where you are isn’t where you want to be, go looking for a hunch by considering what is counter-intuitive to where you are now. For example, if you know your business is not growing the way you want, look for exactly where and in what ways it is not growing, where the customers are not coming from or where you are not providing services to open up the possibilities that might be there all along. One of my clients did this and discovered that she needed to create her own distinct program, based on her life principles for success (by her own definition, incidentally), as opposed to working with, modeling and selling other people’s products / programs.

3. Consider the unrelated but important things.

That is, the things that are seemingly unrelated but significant vs. what’s actually urgently in your face screaming to get your attention will usually wait or go unnoticed. For example, let’s say you have client issues that have deadlines and need immediate resolution but, out of nowhere, you get an invitation to join a week-long retreat that has no agenda but you will be with your peers. This actually happened for one of my clients – and when she decided to take that time off, her business was handled by an assistant for the short-term and she was rejuvenated with new information and new connections to take her business to a completely new level.

4. Pay attention to your attention.

That is, follow your attention and observe what is pulling you because that is a clue to a message that is trying to come in to you. Consider what is showing up in the media, who you meet and who is calling to connect with you, and what you want to learn more about in the moment. This is NOT about analysis – this about taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to consider what new interests you have or where you have or would like to focus more time or energy. Keep it simple…

5. Pay attention to synchronicities and/or coincidences.

I believe that we are continuously creating that which we need to get to our next level. One way that we can know that is to pay attention to the confluence of events; that is, what seemingly unrelated thing that we were just thinking about suddenly shows up somehow? What billboard do we see? What chance encounter do we have that has the message about changing our future?

6. Ask for information and listen.

As simple as this one is, it is often overlooked because it seems too easy. Ask for guidance, a sign, a directive to come to you – you can ask for it to be specific, such as validation of a message by seeing an angel (then watch for the greeting card / commercial / store window for your angel) or through your dreams. Once you ask the question, be sure you’re ready to receive the answer – and trust it when you get it. Remember that we can’t make the message be something other than it is, so if you really don’t want to hear it somewhere in your being, you’ll either block it, sabotage it or try to make it into something else. Make sure to KISS it… (keep it short and simple).