6 Kinds of Energy Vampires

1. Whiner / Victim

This person complains, likes a captive audience, focuses on ‘poor me’ for conversation and uses negative life situations to connect with others. Even more this person doesn’t really want to get out of it with solutions.
How to handle: set boundaries on your time.

2. Drama Queen

This person exaggerates small things into big, huge ordeals, wants to be center of attention and needs drama for emotional fuel.

How to handle: remain calm (as in, don’t feed their fire with emotional fuel by getting hooked into it), breathe, set limits on what you are willing to tolerate.

3. Trickster / Prankster / Talker

This person is concerned with only with their world (think narcissist) and doesn’t recognize others in their conversation. This can be entertaining but it doesn’t stop, and often they will physically get in your personal space to get attention / validation.

How to handle: you MUST interrupt and break state to shift the conversation (nonverbal cues won’t work), and be neutral in your responses.

4. Problem Seeker

This person monopolizes your time through neediness, using problems as a connection point and continually presenting problems for you to fix.

How to handle: do not rescue, do not need to be needed, empathize and be supportive but don’t offer solutions.

5. Negativity Projector

This person ‘throws’ guilt, blame and shame around as manipulation and distraction strategy so they themselves don’t have to see their own issues and challenges. Generally, their conversation holds a lot of criticism, judgment and negative language at other people.

How to handle: visualize you are surrounded by white light protection, do not accept the “gifts” of guilt or accepting responsibilities that aren’t yours that this person tries to send your way.

6. Attacker / Terrorist

This person is verbally harsh and even aggressive or vicious with words. They are taking power from the reaction of the other person and don’t really care how others feel with their summary of a given situation.

How to handle: use your compassion to understand they are wounded (to shift your perspective), then eliminate them and their influence in your life with physical space and/or energetically eject them.