5 Myths of Entrepreneuring

Don’t let these entrepreneurial myths cloud your judgment or give you false hope.

1. Happiness happens automatically overnight.

In fact, happiness is achieved as you go, and success happens when you are aligned with your inner fulfillment.

2. You must learn all skills necessary to run your business.

In fact, just as you don’t need to know how to build a computer or create electricity to use your computer, you can (and need to) outsource the skills that you don’t have or don’t want to use in your business. This doesn’t absolve you from understanding what needs to happen; rather, it’s making optimal use of your time and circulating energy to someone who wants to use their skills and be paid for them.

3. You can build a business without learning marketing strategies and skills.

In fact, if you are a business owner, you are a marketer. No one else can hold the vision of your company like you can, and delivering your solution means that you need to generate business, which uses marketing skills and strategies.

4. If you are a skilled professional, you will automatically be successful at building a business.

In fact, building a successful business is a completely different skill set from being good at whatever it is that you do. By doing what you do as you learn to build a business, you might feel like you are changing the tire on your car as you are driving it down the freeway. The good news is that this creates an accelerated environment with big incentive to grow yourself, which will help you to build your business faster with ‘cleaner’ results.

5. That ‘it’ is easier to do yourself.

In fact, even if it’s a skill set you already have, it may not be the best use of your time. If someone else can do it, it’s better to hire them as
a) it gives them an income,
b) by honoring others, you are so honored,
c) you have more time to do what only you can do, which is the big money outcome.

The reality is that, by outsourcing everything from cleaning your office, running errands, or anything else you don’t like or want to do, you are creating value for yourself; the time you save is well worth the money you spend, because that time is now available for creating new potential business opportunities and working with new clients.