5 Entrepreneurial Mistakes to Avoid

By knowing what these mistakes are in advance, you can take action to avoid them in your business.
1. You don’t know what you want; get clarity on what you want to achieve and where you want to go and grow.

2. You don’t know who wants what you have; it’s time to identify your customers and niche market.

3. You don’t develop multiple access points; by creating more than one price point or having multiple products, you give your prospective clients the gift of choice.

4. You take too long to get things done; this occurs as a result of busyness, focusing on the ‘non-critical inch’, learning every little thing vs. outsourcing, staying in preparation mode. Manage your time efficiently as one of your greatest assets.

5. You don’t have supportive environments; this includes the people around you, your physical environment, your systems and your memetic (ideas) environment. Upgrade your energy by creating environments that support you easily and without friction.