5 Kinds of Feng Shui Clutter

Clutter in your physical space is literally equivalent to having a clogged artery in your body. If your environment isn’t flowing, it will affect the quality of your life. Depending on the type of clutter, it will have a different effect. Check out the following to see what you have affecting your life and business right now.

1. Everyday Clutter

This is ‘stuff’ that goes unused, is unloved, isn’t necessary. It’s messy, collects dust and feels ‘bloat-y’ if you’ve just got too much of it.

Result: You’ll experience an energetic and emotional constipation. Things just feel clogged up and not flowing. It might be hard to find things, which can cause frustration. And it can also induce a state of overwhelm or make you feel that life is hard.

2. Physical Body Clutter

This is literally your physical body being bogged down with toxins, excess or low-quality food, low energy, and non-supportive habits.

Result: Your world will feel sluggish, low energy and you will find you are getting slow, ‘heavy’ results in what you’re doing.

3. Symbolic Clutter

This comes from unconscious negative messages as a result of unfinished projects, things that remind you of a bad experience, broken items and depressing pictures.

Result: Your energy is pulled down and into the past as you are reminded of what was and/or what you haven’t gotten done yet, which isn’t conducive to going forward with what you want to be doing. And you stay connected to the energy of the person from your past or the project that never ends that has now become a drain. Consider the symbols in your world to see where your energy lies.

4. Living in the Past Clutter

This is when you just keep things too long, like files from your old career, papers you keep meaning to sort, clothes you wore a decade ago when you wanted to look professional, things you keep ‘just in case’, old collections of stuff.

Result: The past has a lot of power and doesn’t allow you to focus on today. You aren’t able to, or are blocked from being, fully committed to the present and moving forward. You might have unresolved emotional issues, people/clients who drain your energy, or something you’re not saying that needs to be said. You might have some forgiveness work to do, dragging old weight around from incomplete relationships, which steals your energy from being clearly in the present. And the ‘just in case’ means you aren’t trusting yourself to have or get what you need when you need it from a place of fear or lack.

5. Mind Clutter

This is when you have too much stuff in your head, like things to get done and information overload, things you’re worrying about, taking in too much from the outside (like TV, the news or other people’s opinions), old beliefs binging around in your head, a crowded calendar or email inbox.

Result: Your mind is foggy, but you’re over-stimulated and creativity is blocked. Change might be difficult to manage, and you feel weak in the daunting face of what’s in your head. You might be losing sleep because you’re thinking about everything, and it’s difficult to channel that into something productive. There’s too much information coming in daily, and it’s vital to focus only on that which supports you.