5 Feng Shui Red Flags for Entrepreneurs

In my experience, entrepreneurs want to know the most vital things right now that they need to take care of in order to create the biggest positive change they can… here are my top five Feng Shui red flags for entrepreneurs.

1. The floor “filing system” is activated.

The floor is the foundation from which everything else grows, so if you have piles on the floor, you are putting mountains, or obstacles, in your way.

2. Being seated at your desk with your back to the door.

You can’t see what’s coming in the door, which energetically means there is some part of you on guard for what could be coming – it’s a protection mechanism and doesn’t allow you to give full attention to what you’re working on as you could be vulnerable to attack.

3. Having work items in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it is for very limited uses, like sleeping, resting, being with your sweetie and possibly getting dressed. That’s it. Anything else brings outside world energy into your sanctuary and you cannot rest as deeply.

4. Anything who reflects who you used to be and doesn’t support who you are now.

This includes everything from furniture to gifts to clothes to you name it. Your world should reflect your current stage of evolution in life and business.

5. Gifts from people you don’t like or care about.

These gifts hold the energy of the giver, and you will have their energy in your space which detracts from feeling positive in your environment.