5 Elements for Success

Any one of these elements, if compromised, can have serious impact on your degree of business success.

1. Environment

Environment includes anything surrounding you, such as: physical body, physical space, emotional, people, memetic (ideas), energy sources, nature.

2. Habit

What you do without thinking: by routine, conditioned response, systematic, automatic habit.

3. Mindset

Your mindset often determines your outcomes: includes your attitude, beliefs, degree of optimism, open-ness to receiving.

4. Skill

Simply the technical know-how on various business aspects to get something done.

5. Energy

Your sources of fuel to animate your life and business: electrical, nutritional, systems in your business. And, of course, the big one is how you feeeeeel about what you’re doing – the energy of your business. (See the section on The Energy of Business later in this book.)