4 Key Definitions in Business

You are creating your world everyday through your beliefs, thoughts, actions and results. As a soul-driven entrepreneur and business owner, you must be especially aware of your values, vision, mission and purpose, as your business is a mirror of who you are in showing up every day.

The following definitions should be helpful for you in understanding what makes you “tick”, to clarify who you are, how you are relating to the world, and act as the foundation for the results you are getting in your business and personal life. You might have two sets of the following four definitions – one for your business and one for you personally.


Values are your personal truths that you live your life by – your key internal decision-makers. If not known, you are not living consciously and by choice. Your values act as a powerful choice filter and magnet, attracting people and opportunities that enrich and serve your life.


Vision is the primary motivator of human action, clarifying purpose, giving direction and empowering us to perform beyond our resources. It is an idea or image of a more desirable future. The right vision is energizing in that it can call in the resources, skills, and talents to make it happen. It is bigger than you can realistically grow into in order to keep pulling your passion forward. It is what you want for the world.


A mission statement is a guiding compass to guide you through your life and business. It is how you are going to achieve your vision. It should be simple enough to be recited by memory. It should include what you do, how you do it and who is served by what you do.


Your purpose statement brings concrete meaning as to why your business exists, answering the “why” question. It clearly defines what you will provide through tools and services that directly reflect back to your vision statement and support your mission statement.