3 Ways to Gain Clarity

1. Figure out and release what you are not.

As in, if you have clutter in your house, or are holding on to clothes, books, mementos of long-gone or even negative relationships, get rid of it. If you have friends who aren’t treating you the way you want to be treated, make a decision to repair or replace. Whatever is in your life but doesn’t reflect clearly who you are now is something that needs to be released. By creating “space”, you are creating clarity.

2. Don’t look for yourself where you are not.

We are human – it’s unavoidable that we will look to our community, social circle or others to help us learn, get approval or validate our thought process and choices. However, when we look to those external sources, we are giving away our power. We are looking for ourselves where we are not, which can only lead to more confusion over the long run. To stay clear, stay focused on what you know. If you need additional information, go to the cleanest source you can find “out there” and bring that back to your own personal source of clarity “in here”. (Please let me know if you have questions on what a “clean source” means – it takes us off topic to explore further here.)

3. Set systems in place.

Consider virtually anything you do, and look at how you can make it easier with a system. From washing dishes (soak, scrub, rinse, dry) to handling your voicemails (check them, listen, write down on the message pad, handle immediately, etc.), you can put something together that allows you to minimize your energy on activities or functions that you do repeatedly which frees up more energy to create something new. Having more energy allows you to focus on having greater clarity.