3 Ways to Engage the Magic of You

1. Clear your path.

That is, de-clutter what isn’t you, the things that are in your way, the obstacles that you are climbing over as you are trying to walk your path. Finish what’s unfinished, clean out junk, and get rid of anything that doesn’t work, is broken, is unnecessary – including physical items, relationships, beliefs, habits, etc. You get the idea.

2. Look for your portal.

Your door will become more clearly visible to you, but you might notice other doors on your way. If it’s not your door, it won’t be easy for you to walk through it, it won’t be as inviting, and it won’t suit you. It’s important to have discernment about what is appropriate for you, and what isn’t, on every level.

3. Notice all your gifts.

From being in gratitude for what you already have (which is the only way to know you can create more, by the by) to seeing what’s coming into your life, it’s vital to acknowledge that these gifts are being special-delivered to you. If you don’t like what you’re getting, you can change the order anytime by engaging with your magic. Own what you magically created, retrace your steps, refocus and try again – think of it as exchanging your gifts for an upgrade.