5 Reasons Why Friends and Family Can’t Support You

Being human, we entrepreneurs often want to share our journey with the people we are closest to – our friends and family. Here’s why they often can’t support you in the way that you would like to see in your ideal world.

1. They love you – that’s their job – so they will be risk-averse in order to protect you from the unknown. (“Don’t do that – you don’t know how it will turn out!”)

2. They will tend to be prescriptive, giving you their formula for success and happiness, which has nothing to do with you. (“Can’t you just settle down / take a break / live in the real world?”)

3. They’re not your target market and likely don’t understand your business; they relate to you as they know you from the past (which is also why they are the last to know when you’ve changed). (“Why do you need to do that? It doesn’t make any sense…”)

4. They don’t want to be changed; if you grow, they have to grow with you and that feels like an imposed change on them (unconsciously). (“Don’t you see how much you’ve changed? I don’t know you anymore…”)

5. If they haven’t done their ‘work’, they will project their wounds and not your reflection. (“Oh, honey, you can’t afford that…”)