12 Questions for Business Success

Ask yourself the following to understand yourself and your business more clearly.

1. Why am I doing what I am doing?

2. How will doing what I am doing make me feel?

3. Why did I get into / start this business?

4. What is the legacy I want to create with my business?

5. What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my dreams?

6. What am I not willing to do to achieve my dreams?

7. What makes me different from everybody else?

8. If I could be who I see myself being when I’ve achieved my dreams, what does that look like?

9. What am I great at? What do I want to improve?

10. If money was no object, what would I love to be and do?

11. What do I want my average hourly income to be?

12. What do I want people to say as my eulogy?