10 Steps to Creating an Information Product

Use this process to help you create an information product based on your knowledge, expertise and/or solution.

1. Identify the key points of your process to get solution.
2. Name the process based on the solution and/or expected results.
3. Make an outline of distinct key points; create 3 sub-points of content for each key point.
4. Determine natural breaks or sections in the content material.
5. Develop content for each main point and each of the three sub-points (i.e., someone can interview you, create videos or audios, write them, hire a ghostwriter, etc.).
6. Determine delivery modality (i.e., ebook, workshop, teleseminar, continuity program, etc.).
7. Create and package the product content according to delivery modality (remember it might be multiple venues, tiered information, do it yourself home study, etc.).
8. Create delivery systems (i.e., use a fulfillment house, online systems, etc.).
9. Track client experiences through a feedback loop for case studies, testimonials and future product refinement and/or enhancements.
10. Repurpose product content into other products / programs (membership, mastermind, groups, etc).