10 Growth Principles

Following are ten of the principles that I have discovered in the process of working with people for more than a decade in their personal growth journeys. I’ve often said that the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur is like taking the accelerated PhD program for personal development on steroids – the faster you grow, the faster you business grows and vice-versa. My intention is by sharing them that you will have greater compassion for yourself as you grow.

1. To degree you are uncomfortable is the degree to which you are willing to change.

2. You will likely have to choose between leaving behind those who can’t keep up and your own growth.

3. The best results come when you move at the speed of instruction.

4. You can quantum leap your results by following and harnessing energy.

5. The most critical skill set for dramatic growth is focus.

6. You have to let go of your current identity to grow into the one you need for your next best level.

7. Language is a big key to creating and understanding growth.

8. What you value is reflected in where you spend your time and attention.

9. By definition, you have to go beyond what you know to that which is unknown and outside your comfort zone.

10. You can choose to grow or keep up with the growth that is seemingly imposed by the Universe, which is something you create anyway, and while growth is necessary, the latter doesn’t feel as good.