What’s Your Next Big Leap?

“Once you begin to understand, really understand, how your thoughts create inner reality, and how that reality spills into your world through your words and your deeds, then you are on your way to transforming them, and yourself. In order to live a life of material and spiritual abundance, everything about you must be in harmony.” ~ Suze Orman

I look at leaping a lot. Every day, as I work with clients who want something more, something different, something new in their lives and businesses, I see the leaps that are just waiting for people.

Sometimes people can see their own leaps, which makes their hearts pound and their cells sing when they recognize what life can be after they hurl themselves into whatever is needed to get to the other side. Sometimes people know there’s a leap waiting for them, but they’re not sure of what that means or what difference it would make if they took the leap – they want the “leap guarantee” before doing it. And then there are the “leap-less” types, who either can’t or won’t look at the possibilities of what could be different in their lives. I don’t see too many of them.

Anyway, big change takes big leaps, and big leaps usually happen all at once. I’m talking about the really big leaps – the shift in your head, the commitment in your body, the knowingness that comes from that deep, inner place. It’s possible to have a series of smaller jumps that pull you just outside your comfort zone, but that’s not technically a leap. I forget where I heard it, but someone said “you can’t cross a chasm in two jumps”. See the difference between a leap and a jump?

So, as Suze Orman says (above), when you start owning your ability to create by being in alignment with who you are in every way, you are ready for some big leaping. Look at it this way – until you get rid of the baggage that’s holding you back, you might want to leap, but you’ll either leap to a place you don’t really want to go OR you’ll leap but find yourself practically glued to the ground OR you’ll take two jumps to cross the chasm. That one hurts.

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Get rid of what’s not yours. This is the absolute priority, because it’s what holds most of us back. We’re so busy carrying stuff that doesn’t belong to us, or that isn’t truly who we are, or that reflects what we think we “should” do/be/have because of someone else, that we are at least weighed down and, worse, paralyzed. This is decluttering at the highest level. I’m talkin’ relationships, habits, routines, careers, false obligations, shoulds – anything that is sabotaging leaping in your life or your business.

2. Listen to your cells sing. Your body will tell you where your next big leap is waiting. And if it’s been awhile, to refresh your memory, think about the last time you felt really, really happy – re-live that happy hum, that feeling of lightness, that natural ebullience that makes you want to giggle. THAT is your cells singing – and it’s what you’ll experience when you stop to consider the landing place of, well, your next big leap. (Does that mean it will be easy to get there? No. But it can be simple…)

3. Break “the rules” of where you’ve been. After all, whatever you’ve been living has outlived its usefulness, or you wouldn’t still be reading. Figure out where you’ve been living between the lines and bust out of them. One of my clients is learning that she doesn’t have to accept whatever comes her way, and that her biggest leap might be to actually say what she wants from her mate. A “rule” is what you’ve lived by to get to this point, whether it’s actually a rule or you just said so. So, as Cher said, “Snap out of it!”.