What People Want and Fear Most

Fear will get the attention of your prospective client, but it’s generally not enough to make the sale because it doesn’t feel good, which is the anticipated emotion your prospective client wants to experience. Neither fear nor logic is the main motivator for purchase; rather, it’s what people want.


• Approval
• Validation
• Community
• Look Good
• Knowledge
• Fun / Variety
• Value
• Easy
• Choice
• Uniqueness


• They are unlovable
• They are not ‘enough’
• They don’t belong / will be rejected.
• They will be judged on appearance and rejected.
• They will miss something they could have had.
• They will be bored or uninterested.
• They will spend without return investment.
• They don’t want to have to work too hard (especially unnecessarily).
• They don’t want to be manipulated, controlled or forced.
• They could get somewhere else better, cheaper, faster and aren’t special.