Using Facebook for Business Should be Done Only as Part of a Broader Plan

The use of FB for business or personal relationship development should be considered in the context of an overall plan.

Let’s say that relationships with 150 people is your target goal. Choose the most valuable. Put them in a group. Don’t follow them randomly and randomly comment but instead set aside x hours per day to strategically go through each one’s wall happily Liking away and making an occasional brief comment. Once you’ve connected with what they are doing/thinking, etc… then you send a specific personal meaningful message…like you would if you were talking on the phone. Or, set aside time to call them.

Let’s say you can connect with 10 people per hour. Do this for 1 hour per day. That gets you real solid contact with them every 2 weeks. Do more or less depending on your time/business model. If I were in full sales mode I’d do this for 3 hours per day. A key again is to be very strategic about who those 150 people are.

Make sense?