Understanding Your Life’s Purpose

“What is my life’s purpose?”
“How do I know what it is when I find it?”
“How can I create my life’s purpose so it’s ‘right’?”

If you are asking these questions, you’re not alone – I hear it quite a bit from my clients and other seekers. We are fortunate to live in a day and age where this is not only acceptable, but is possible for us to proactively ponder and then take action accordingly.

In order to have this conversation, there are a couple of things I need to share with you first. Here is a summary of what I know from my experience, teachings and world view:

• We are here because we are spirit embodied in physical form – we decided to come here and live our life’s purpose tangibly. So our purpose is to be here and breathe.

• We’re supposed to learn and experience ALOT in every way so our spirit can grow and we can contribute to the greater collective consciousness.

• Challenges are what help us to grow beyond our comfort zone, and without them, we are pretty boring humans. We’re only stuck if we decide not to address them.

• In the grand scheme of things, this human life is insignificant and exceedingly important at the same time. We are practicing being creative energy through living our lives.

All that being said, when we’re not moving, we feel stuck. And then we feel like we’re not living our life’s purpose. So we feel vaguely unfulfilled, rather than being present with just being, and which pushes us to experience more, which is good as it is our personal contribution to the whole. We are one – within ourselves, with each other, and with the universe. And yet, life’s purpose isn’t really what we’re talking about here, is it?

So few words to express such a humongous concept… to bring it back, we are here to breathe, to have experiences that benefit ourselves and the whole, and to practice the art of creation regularly (whether we like or are happy with what we are creating or not is a different issue). That is our life’s purpose.

The real question behind the questions: what is my soul’s unique expression and how can I be in the flow with it so I can make a difference in the world?

3 Things You Can Do Today:

1. Consider your challenges. What are your learning opportunities right now? If you look at previous challenges in your life, you will see that you probably couldn’t figure out at the time what they were about – you could only see their purpose post-challenge. Therefore, really see and explore what’s in front of you now, and reframe it as your growth opportunity to get through it faster. Embrace it as the way the universe is taking you to what you need to know and the result you asked for… because it is you who asked for it. If you don’t like your results, it’s time to change what you want because all that’s happened is you got what you asked for on some level.

2.  Look at unexpected comments. That is, look at what “people” have said about you throughout your life, regardless of the environment or circumstances. It’s likely that your soul has been peeking or leaking out, and other people may have picked up on it for you. For example, one of my clients is wrestling with expressing who she is through her business. I asked her this question, and she couldn’t tell me about any comments. When most of the way through our session, I got a message about her creating her own “success program” to teach others how she’s achieved her dreams, she said “oh yeah, people have been telling me that”. She was missing the messages because she had no reference point for them. What messages from your soul are you missing?

3. Re-examine your core interest areas. When you were a child or young person, it’s likely that you had interests or dreams or goals that have lost their place as a life priority now. Take a look at them to find the seeds of your soul. In my case, I was always drawn to the “mysterious”, to psychic connections, to understanding the invisible. I read books voraciously about explorers (which I am, only in an unconventional way), life oddities, unusual people and mysteries (I later learned that I was an English bobby/detective in a previous life). Anyway, I liked to understand the bigger picture in every way – I wanted to understand people and their inside selves. I remember being about six years old, eating a peanut butter sandwich, and asking my mom “what are we here?”. She thought I was babbling, but I had a clear picture of pure energy with a wistful certainty that there had to be a reason we are HERE. And now it’s my life’s work – to help others understand that and to engage fully in being here by channeling cosmic creative energy into personal success.

So, my intention is to help you life your soul’s expression, not just your life’s purpose. It’s a lot bigger than that.