The Six Pillars of Energy-Aware Entrepreneuring

One of the greatest benefits of being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to do what you want when you want… and that can be a bit daunting when you’re actually living it. With focus and proper support through the pillars of success for energy-aware entrepreneuring, you can find your way to freedom.

Following are the six pillars of successful, soul-full entrepreneuring:

1. Be inspired. Inspire as a word actually references the breath of spirit, and that’s the lightest energy that can pull you forward into great achievement and productivity. To capture inspiration throughout your day, have a special notebook or place to jot what moves you. To be inspiration in motion, stay in positive momentum and connect with others.

2. Have a vision. Vision is different from sight – vision is what your inner eye sees while sight is what your outer eye sees. Have a vision about your own footprint, the difference you are making in the world and then move toward that in the choices you make and things you do.

3. Look up. Look up to heroes, mentors and masters, the greats who have gone before you to learn their wisdom. Look up to the expanse of the sky to remember the only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself. Look up to connect to Source energy, whatever you call it – remind yourself that you are here as a physical representation of an energy far greater than what can be known in mere words.

4. Translate your essence through your work. Take your gifts, perspective, experience, expertise, skills, personality, energy and who you are through your work to contribute in a bigger way. Don’t do it like everybody else – do it from the inside out to create freedom for yourself and be the light for others to follow.

5. Choose and go. The most powerful force on the planet is the power of choice; everything comes from choosing it, even love. You have to choose to love and be loved. Once you choose, follow through on that choice. Be committed, take action, follow where it leads you to create new experiences and results.

6. Connect. Finding like-spirited, not just like-minded, people to connect with is vital. Humans are social creatures and if we don’t have a sense of belonging somewhere, we are challenged on a primal level for survival – when in that survival energy, we tend to attract survival experiences. Connect with people who can understand and support you to grow you and your business.