The Results of Having of a Good Platform

• A Platform convinces people and removes the doubt in anyone’s mind that you are the premier, best choice for what you offer, whether it’s coaching, speaking, consulting or the book deal. You are not one of the choices, but the only choice that makes sense. Your platform creates certainty that you are the best possible choice and is supported by evidence (collectively called your Platform).

• A Platform literally allows you to stand above the rest of your industry in order to be seen above the crowd. By standing on a platform, you rise to the proverbial top so you can be seen by the people who are looking for you and your solution.

• A Platform creates enhanced interest in who you are, what your business is and what you do as a whole. Just one element of your Platform has the ability to generate interest and attention.

• A Platform is your business accomplishments on paper, and is your world made visible including your philosophy, approach, system, paradigms, and contributions / achievements.

• A Platform is a reward for the years of hard work and dedication to building your business. It takes time, energy and hard work to build your mailing list or to get lots of traffic to your website or to secure the industry reputation for being the best. By building a strong platform, you secure strong marketplace recognition and enjoy the benefits of a good track record and accumulated, visible success.