Are your google PPC campaigns failing? I was just reading a report by on the huge numbers of businesses who advertise on Google and then quit. They call this the “Churn Rate” and the numbers are huge at 50%-60%.

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These business owners do not see a high ROI because:

  • their websites are poorly designed;
  • their products and services are not better than their competitions’;
  • they don’t communicate well using large font sizes (much less audio and video);
  • they don’t use text, photo, audio and video testimonials well;
  • they don’t pay attention to Social Media Optimization strategies;
  • and they don’t have automated or effective CRM or sales systems.

Most SEM companies don’t help businesses do any of these things well.

Many technology companies that sell individual services do not tell business owners, “Gee, the problem is You,” and give internet advertising a bad rap. I hear, “I hired this company to advertise online and we got a few clicks but no leads,” all the time. Well….duh!

“The Great Pay-Per-Click Scam” is that Search Engine Marketers know all about their own Churn rates but still keep selling their services, instead of forcing every advertiser to go through some kind of market research, strategic positioning, usability, copywriting, and sales training bootcamp!

I swear to never, ever run a Google Adwords campaign the clickers will land on a website that will educate them and ensure they become prospects in very high percentages.