SEO Copywriting

Don’t let anyone fool you. SEO copywriting is not about spending a ton of money for custom content pages. It IS about getting the most content that is appropriate for your business model at the lowest possible price. Click here SEO copywriting services description and pricing.

Corporate Rates: From $55 to $250 per page.
Your Discount: From $10 – $30 per page.

Short SEO Article 300 words $10

Listings Embedded into Blog Posts $10

Long-Tail Keyphrase 400 – 600 word Post Creation and Promotion (Schools, Restaurants, Profiles of Local Businesses) $20

SEO page/post of 800 – 1000 total words optimized for 1 – 3 keyphrases $30

Rewriting and posting of SEO Pages/Posts on ActiveRain account $15