Opening Up To The Big Change Within

“Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.” ~ Dorothy Allison

If you stop and think about it, life moves in cycles. There are seasons to pretty much everything. Sometimes they are predictable in their shifts, like the seasons or waves coming to shore or the migration of geese but usually the biggest shifts happen when we least expect it, even – or maybe especially – when we know they are going to happen.

For example, you know that endings, which might be the death of a situation, circumstance, or relationship, are essential for a number of reasons. The reasons you give those endings might range from “it’s run its course” to “it’s time for change” to “there is a bigger picture here”, or a myriad of other substantiations for the ending that is occurring. And while all are some sort of rationale for the experience, each of them gives a sense that there is something new coming in…a new beginning of some sort. It is only through the ending of what was that the new can come into being; however, knowing that doesn’t always make the transition any easier.

What may people may not realize is that the change that is occurring through the endings and beginnings in the physical world is actually a reflection of their own inner state. That is, change that occurs within has no other consequence than to express in an outer form, in a physical representation of what occurred inside that person.

Consider how that has shown up for you in your life…maybe you were waiting to hear from someone who owed you money but it was only when you stopped thinking about that with anger that the check showed up in the mail. Maybe you had a misunderstanding with a family member and it was when you felt the forgiveness in your heart that the phone rang with their call. Maybe things didn’t flow in your world how you wanted them to and you channeled the frustration energy into cleaning your office and suddenly the world started working with you for a change…

All of these examples represent that your inner experience impacts your outer world. You didn’t do anything different on the outside to create a new result – it was your inner relationship with awareness that made the new situation possible in the outer world. And for a soul-driven entrepreneur, knowing that can make all the difference in the degree of success you enjoy with and through your business.

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Everything counts. And nothing is the same when you understand that concept. Another way I’ve heard it is “how do you do anything is how you do everything” – wow. Talk about being accountable…the universe is noticing who you’re being when nobody is looking and THAT is the foundation that you are creating from in your business. We soul-driven types have taken on the higher vibration path of distilling who we are and the innate gifts we have in service to the world – no small charge – and that gives everything we do a little extra “ka-pow” factor in every way. There is just no escaping that…(hmmm…some “ka-pow karma” anyone???)

2. You are responsible for your creations. You are the only one inside you, as an expression of universal energy on the physical level; you are the only one who CAN be responsible for what you’re creating. In The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, there is a memorable passage: ‘Men have forgotten this truth,’ said the fox. ‘But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.’ And it is only by ‘owning’ what you have already created that you give yourself the power to create something new going forward.

3. Bigger physical results require even bigger inner changes. By asking for or wanting bigger results in the physical world, you are asking your spirit to bring you the inner experiences necessary to achieve that. The old adage ‘be careful what you ask for’ is something to consider, because you are setting yourself up to clear out whatever is in the way energetically to have what you want.

Remember that the biggest changes can only occur from the inside out…so when it’s time to create something new, go to where it really matters to make it happen.