IDX Home Search SEO

The best way to generate hundreds or thousands of unique content pages that will drive traffic to your site is by using MLS listing data. We’ve invented strategies (some simple, some complex) that no one in the country has even thought of. The full Real Estate MLS SEO program details are here.

Corporate Rate: $5,000 – $15,000 set-up and $2,000 per month
Your Discount: From $200 set-up and $0 per month

dsIDXpress (recommended for SEO purposes) – $39/month + $199 Set-Up

dsIDXpress SEO Optimization DIY Manual $0

The Listing Page Creator Market Domination service
(all listings converted to static pages, optimized for any keywords, and internal link optimization) $2/page (100 listing minimum)

dsIDXpress Listing to SEO Post Service (any amount $5 per listing)

Please leave your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you shortly regarding our IDX Home Search services.

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