How to Identify Your Unique Process To Make It More Tangible

Describe what an ideal client will go through in working with you; as you do, note the key turning points and choice / decision points they might experience as a result of the work you do with them. Ask yourself the following questions: “Are these common to what all clients experience with you? “, “Are there identifiable choice points / outcomes they will experience?”, “What is the goal of each thing that you do with people?”, and “Is this process adaptable to the person’s experience but still solid in terms of a duplicable structure?”

Your unique process needs to have a beginning, middle and end, however, it may be that your clients can begin anywhere in the system. Examples of language for a sequential process or system: blueprints, template, plan, map, sequence, flow chart, steps.

An example of a system that allows entry at any point and remains effective is my GEENI™ for Change system. This system allows a person to understand through greater perception and awareness what they are creating through Greater Truth, Energy, Environment, Natural Intelligence and Integrity. (See Personal Evolution Acceleration Tools section of this book.)

Another technique to develop your unique process is to “mind movie” it. That is, tell it to someone as though it were a movie, and ask the viewer to tell you the key points that they pick out of the process. You can use this with your clients after you have completed a milestone by asking them to revisit your process to reflect back to you what they experienced as the pivotal points.