For Lasting Self-Possession

1. When you don’t know what to do with yourself, someone will always be happy to tell you.

2. Why seek approval from someone who doesn’t even approve of himself?

3. Fawning before an angry person is like asking a rabid wolf for its approval.

4. The more approval you get, the more you have to have.

5. Keeping any person or circumstance in your life that demands you surrender your right to be a whole and happy human being is wrong for everyone involved.

6. When you are standing in a storm, don’t blame the weather.

7. Real strength always follows uncovering one of the roots of weakness.

8. Don’t seek yourself. Dare to be yourself.

9. If you were really doing the right thing with your life, you wouldn’t need anyone to tell you that you were.

10.“Permitting your life to be taken over by another person is like letting the waiter eat your dinner.” (Vernon Howard)