Event Marketing Strategy

Have marketing materials ready to go that clearly show the event basics (name, date, website, etc.), as well as the purpose of the event. Marketing materials may include a website (ideally with an opt-in page), a core message that is relevant to your target audience, a strong focus on promoting the solution to the problem of your target audience, testimonials from clients, and a clear call to action (what you want them to do).

Determine your marketing system; you can use a business vision map to support the strategy determination process. This system will depend on your target audience because it is about where and how you can best connect with them.

Here are two sample strategies for two different target audiences / events. Make sure to adapt these campaigns to your specific marketing needs.


Set up join promotions with affiliates and colleagues – they will email about your free class Send post card to invite pre-launch peek
Email Promo #1: get “buzz” going with your list about free teleclass (make sure your affiliates have copy they can use to promote to their lists) Send sales letter by direct mail with a deadline to purchase new product
Email Promo #2: describe benefits and direct to landing page for registration info Offer free call for Q and A – record it so people can hear it later
Promote your class on social media forums and chat rooms – direct people to landing page for registration Send sales letter with a different look – did you miss this? And by the way, listen to Q and A call
Affiliates and jv partners should be sending reminder emails Email Promo: send people to recorded Q and A call and landing page for registration info
Email Promo #3: Do a reminder about the class and direct to landing page for registration Send press release to announce product launch
Email Day Of: One last call out for registration Personal phone call campaign – haven’t heard from you