Elements of Your Story / Back Story / Bio

Your back story / bio is a part of your brand / identity. It helps people relate to you by understanding how you got to where you are and connect with your passion – it gives you credibility. No one else has your story, so this is a distinguishing characteristic for you / your business; that is, there is no competition when it comes to who you are through your story. Remember that your story evolves as you do.

Break down the messages of the natural talent you were born with and translate for practical application by your potential / current clients. There should be congruency between who you are now as a result of how you got there and what you have to offer as a solution.

Part of your intangible story is any unique language or phrases that you use in the course of your work. This gives people something that is identifiable with you, thought-provoking and enhances your credibility as a leading-edge professional. This includes things like: signature behaviors, patterns of behavior and/or communication, rituals for people to hold on to (think: here’s Johnny!, ‘Splain it to me Ricky, “Just Jack” hands from Will and Grace show, etc.).

To create your story, consider these points and create an outline of key messages:
• This is your persona – what do you want people to know about you? What gets you excited about your business?
• Be able to explain what you do in one sentence.
• Look at your history to find relevant turning points as relates to your business; weave them with your natural talents.
• Include key insights, knowledge bits and milestones, and numbers (years doing what you do, how many you’ve helped, percentage people’s businesses have grown as result of your mentoring, etc.).
• Be human, which means being vulnerable. Share the not-so-pretty things as key turning points.
• Share who you are, why / how you started your business, your failures and your successes.
• Talk about what you overcame, created and/or discovered along the way.
• Point out how you’re different to allow people to identify with you.

Once you have these key messages, put together a three-paragraph bio that weaves your story into a cohesive, full impression of who you are, how you got to where you are and why people should like you (people do business with the people they like). Once you’ve written the first draft, ask a few trusted friends to read it and give you feedback. Refine it until it feels good AND conveys the power of who you are for both credibility and likeability.