Calculate the Real Value of Your Time

This is the formula to find the real value of your time by understanding where you are now, calculating your ‘next step’ goal (10% more than you are making now), and then determining what you need to make per revenue generating (productive) hour to achieve it. (Note: the big kick in this is the insight that 25% of your time (or less) actually produces revenue for you.)

Current Snapshot

Ideal Annual Income Goal
Total Income Over Last Three Months

Calculate Next Step Goal

Your Annual Income Goal (same as first above)
Current Reality (x4 number above)
Current Income Gap (Goal Less Reality)
Current Reality ______ + the 10% #
Your Next Step Goal (Achieve 10% Increase)

Calculate Hourly Income Needed

Your Next Step Goal
Number of Days You Want to Work Weekly
Number of Hours You Want to Work Daily
Divide by 25 (to get 25%)

Total Productive Hours Weekly
Number of Weeks You Want to Work Annually
Total Productive Hours Per Year

Take Next Step Goal and Divide by Number of Productive Hours
What You Must Make Per Hour
Divide by Sixty for Time Per Minute