6 Points of Personal Success

Following are six key points to help you define your personal success.

1. Personal success means having a clear sense of direction. Everything that doesn’t contribute to this direction falls away. Perseverance feels nearly effortless because you know what you’re aiming for, clearly and specifically. As a result, you’ll know when you’ve gotten there.

2. It means that you have a new or heightened level of self-acceptance. You have a sense of being your own “observer”, flexing with an attitude of both permission and forgiveness – like you would with a child or cherished friend. You don’t want to be anybody else, even with all of your idiosyncrasies; you are comfortable in your own skin. After all, it is challenging to build something and tear it down at the same time.

3. Personal success means being in alignment with who you are in all of your truths. It is being in integrity with yourself. The only voice in your head is your own. Right or wrong is not the challenge, but rather, whether something is right for you. When it is, it feels right… like breathing.

4. It means stretching outside of where you are, taking a risk on some level to be different/better/more. It feels progressive, and you will discover something new (a lesson, strength, gift, etc.) along the way. Going through the process of becoming successful gives you a sense of significant accomplishment that is to be celebrated!

5. Personal success means experiencing increased energy flow in all ways. That is, obstacles are minimized or removed, you feel good physically / emotionally / spiritually, and people / things / opportunities are attracted to you. There is a sense of optimism throughout your being. Synchronicity, or what seems to be coincidence, becomes a natural occurrence.

6. And lastly, personal success means having an “open willingness”…to receive, to learn, to become, and more. An already full cup can’t hold more water. It means you showing up with open arms to experience whatever is necessary in your success creation process. If you are unwilling or not able to do that, it’s unlikely that you will get to experience the fulfillment of creative fruition.