3 Ways to Experiment In Your Life

1. Imagine yourself putting on and wearing a virtual lab coat.

If you were actually wearing your life lab coat, what would you do differently in your life right now?

2. Consider a current situation from “beginner’s creative mind”.

That is, if you didn’t know you, and you were peeking on someone else’s experiment, what would you understand / learn from your observations? What would you think would be the probable outcomes? And what would you change?

3. Look at a past situation seemingly “gone wrong” and reframe it.

The past was a necessary experiment to get you where you are now. Maybe it didn’t turn out the way you originally hoped, but there were important lessons that helped you get where you are now – what were they? How was that situation really a successful experiment?

Your life IS a grand experiment – grab your virtual labcoat and get ready to create some change!