3 Secrets to Living on Purpose

1. Trust that you’ve been on purpose up until now.

You wouldn’t be where you are unless needed to be there. And you need to trust that your purpose has taken you to this very moment with messages, details, and actions, whether consciously or not, in order to give you information that you can gather retrospectively to understand the core of your purpose. By gleaning the information about your path, up until now, you start to see where your purpose has been showing itself.

2. Your purpose feels right.

That is, when you are on track with your purpose, you get a sense of flow, happiness, ease, “rightness”. The focus is not on just the money (that’s so limiting), or the struggles you have (which don’t really matter), or what you don’t have (because it doesn’t tell you what you DO have) – it’s about feeling “right” with your world. Take some time to remember the moments when your world has felt “right”; consider the pieces of that, just like you would untangle a knotted piece of string. If you pull on this one, where does that take you? And now, pull on that one – what does that show you about your purpose?

3. Focus is on the bigger picture, not the details.

Just like when you drive a car, it’s important to focus on where you’re going rather than where the tip of your car is pointed. Think about your life strategically rather than technically when you’re searching to find your purpose. That is, think about the bigger picture than the day-to-day details to see your life purpose in a greater context.