12 Capabilities Provided By Transformational Services Professionals

In my experience, many transformational services professionals don’t know what they actually do, or how to say what they do, in helping people to create a new experience. Here are the most common dynamics that I have seen that may help you craft your marketing messages. (And, by the by, it’s what I do in working with my clients).

1. Get under the surface to respond to what’s actually happening.

As you know, what’s happening on the surface is a reflection, distraction or superficial symptom of something much deeper. The more you understand the greater truth and can articulate / address it, the faster your client can get out of struggle and take advantage of new opportunities.

2. Help them learn faster.

By accelerating the learning curve, propelling the path of development or increasing the velocity of learning (same concept said many ways), your clients can integrate new knowledge into their situations, which has an exponential potential in helping them achieve new results. You can measure how fast they are learning by noticing how much or how quickly they take advantage of the knowledge they have gained, or how quickly they implement and/or integrate it into their lives. They are pulled forward into their next best level vs. slogging their way through or trying random, frustrating, cookie cutter and/or hit ‘n miss strategies on their own.

3. Design their lifestyle from the inside.

Your role is to help your clients determine what makes their toes curl with happiness, integrate that with the power of who they are and set up the attraction systems to bring in all that they want in life in a sustainable way through inspiring their best self to speak up and be known.

4. Upgrade their energy.

If your client were a car, what fuel would they need? If they need solar power, but are still taking in unleaded, that’s a problem. Work with your clients so they get their best energy from the cleanest sources for them (emotional, creative, intellectual, spiritual, physical, etc.).

5. Replace paradigms and outmoded or adopted belief patterns.

Your clients, like everyone else, may not know what they’re missing or that they’re making decisions from old programs, bankrupt beliefs, inherited realities or conditioned thinking. We don’t know what we don’t know, and we’ve been thinking it so long that it’s normal to us, right? By helping them to identify what’s not working and replace it with a new system that supports them (rather than reshaping or tweaking the old ones), you help them take a big step to a new level that they may not have know was available to them.

6. Help the client get beyond who they used to be.

Your work with clients can help them release what’s left of their old self / ego because they know it’s no longer needed. They transcend who they used to be and step into the power of who they are in the present moment.

7. Add facets of perception.

Expanding perception is the key to proactive choice. Sometimes this new awareness means adding something new (ideas, concepts, solutions) and sometimes it means taking something else away (conflict, confusion, complications). By adding new dimension to your clients’ awareness, their life takes on a new sheen and new possibilities become real.

8. Affords possibility.

Clients hire you because they want something more; sometimes, that includes things that are on the very edge of their perception. By supporting them in going beyond what’s known, expected or familiar, you afford new possibilities for their life and expand their understanding of reality to a point where the possibilities have a landing place from which to grow. It opens the dynamic gap of what’s available and possible to them for a new future.

9. Elevate thinking.

Your clients expand their thinking by you introducing new concepts, principles, life models, theories and anything else that comes through that can help them get to their next best level. The truly transformational work happens through new concepts vs. goals or activities-based support. By helping your client raise their thinking to more complex, more refined topics and outcomes, your client’s life changes almost magically.

10. Advance wholeness in your client’s life.

When your client is feeling the state of being whole, the contrast of not feeling whole drops away. In other words, conflict is experienced (and often caused, whether consciously or not) as a way to feel that we are alive. Conflict looks like: problems, chaos, drama, struggle, gossip, frustration, resistance, judgments, reactions, disconnection, confusion and anything else that feels painful. However, when one is full and whole, these kinds of conflict have nothing to hang onto and don’t stick around. Your work invites and supports your client in returning to a state of wholeness for optimal life vitality.

11. Innovate solutions.

When going beyond what’s known, expected or familiar, your client may find themselves stuck as they try to use old tools or rely on previous solutions to address and solve a new issue. By inventing customized solutions in a real-time way, your clients experience possibility in action, courage born from confidence and the willingness to release attachment to a particular outcome or even resisting the possibility of failure since an experiment can’t fail (it can only produce unexpected outcomes). By modeling and demonstrating innovative solutions on the go, you help your clients go beyond what they know, leveraging what they have into something fresh and new that supports them in who they are now.

12. Orient around personal truth.

In working with clients, when you can help them to recognize and relish their truth, your client has the opportunity to orient their lives and work around their new perceptions. This is more than the process of helping a client get to that truth – this is about your client being able to perceive that truth and to so profoundly experience it that they begin the shift in that moment. You (both) know it when you feel it.