11 Elements of Your Written Sales Message

Remember that people read in two styles: by sub-heads, bullets and highlighted areas OR by reading all the information for the details. You want to appeal to both types of reader.

1. Headline (attention getting, benefit-filled)

2. Sub-head (brief summary of what you are offering)

3. Opening (overview, welcome)

4. Presentation of Problem or Challenge Along With Effect of It In Their World (problem / pain / impact of it)

5. Your Solution / Benefits of Solution (what they will experience and/or relief they will get)

6. Proof / Credibility (testimonials, your back story)

7. Guarantee (demonstrate your belief and integrity)

8. The “Close” (summarizing why they should purchase your solution)

9. The “Ask” for the Sale/Offer (what they should do / the call to action / include premiums and/or bonuses here)

10. Summary of What They Get

11. P.S. (address any key points that might cause them reluctance or hesitation in taking action)