Who Is Sam

Will I Like Sam and Why Should I Trust Him?

– by Frank DeLuccia, CPA, CEO Brentwood Financial

interracial adoption
Sam and his daughter Emma. She’s older and he’s fatter now.

Who is this guy and why should I trust him?

This is what visitors to your website, store, or office…or viewers of your ad are thinking too.

How you answer this question is probably the key to whether you succeed or fail in our business – and personal life.

Do you want to hire someone you can’t trust to get the job done?

Do you want to befriend, date, or marry someone who won’t care about you or who will be unfaithful?

In the past, no one looked at the “About Us” pages of a website. Visits to these pages are now going through the roof on most business websites. Visits to the Facebook profiles are too. The “anonymous” internet is now become a “social web” where people can “Know you before they hire you.”

I learned this from Sam.

So who is he?

Well, if you spend a lot of time on this website you will discover what his friends and family know about him…

city heights cdc
For 10 years Sam was a non-profit executive in San Diego.

1. That Sam cares about other people and likes to help them. He’s been doing this professionally since college, working with at-risk youth, low income communities, counseling and education non-profit organizations. Now, he works mostly as a consumer advocate in the fields of real estate and financial services and is dedicated to Down syndrome and Adoption advocacy efforts.

2. He is a uniquely curious problem solver who bounces off the walls when he discovers a new idea or his brain starts churning on a business owner’s problem.

3. Sam gets paid a lot of money by companiessuccessful business owners, and celebrities but is constantly trying to make the strategies they use available to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Sam is the author or ghostwriter of many books and eReports.

4. The biggest gurus in the internet marketing industry get paid, for example, $40,000 a day by Fortune 500 companies. Other’s opt to hire Sam and get 90% of the value at 25% of the cost.

5. When Sam commits to a project, he guarantees success or he won’t take the job in the first place.

6. His personal definition of success has very little to do with money – which is kind of odd for someone who grew up dirt poor. He’s mostly interested in building and creating things and helping other people.

Here’s something else really important to know about Sam…

Many “gurus” who teach strategies do not spend any time “doing them” and are really in the business of “selling ineffective information” instead of “educating people on specific actions to take for success.” Visit SaltyDroid.info if you want to be horrified.

When I asked Sam “what he spends his work time on,” he broke it down like this:

  • 30% Business & JV Partnership Management – These are active consulting, real estate, and financial services businesses.
  • 25% Training and Educating in structured settings which often helps me streamline the processes that I’ve been using.
  • 15% Consulting – Involves detailed work with business owners on a contract or retainer basis.
  • 10% Pure Research and Self-Education on business and personal topics.
  • 10% Speaking about topics to audiences and through media appearances.
  • 5% Marketing/Sales – The % is fairly low lately since most clients I accept are by referral only.
  • 5% Coaching – Help clients uncover new insights about their business, lives, and focus.

When Sam says, “He wants to help you earn more money, more easily – and live a happier healthier life,” he means it.

What he does and how he works is not the right fit for everyone. But if it is for you, then you will likely become more professionally and personally successful and have a great new friend as I and many other people in Sam’s network have.

I’d be happy to share more about working with Sam. Enjoy this website. There’s a ton of terrific information here.


Frank DeLuccia, CPA
CEO, Brentwood Financial

Esperanza, Emma, Sam, and Gabriel doing Rocky Balboa in Philly. (Baby Ethan was not yet born.)