What People Say About Sam

“Quit Buying Random Internet Marketing Junk”

“We have a carpet company that was about dead last month since the market for new homes has slumped. We’ve tried a lot of different lead generation things that didn’t work, and the first thing Sam said to us was, ‘Quit buying all that crap!’ We were lucky enough to get into the open free workshops and got some great advice on laying out a new marketing plan.

We revised our website for about $500 over a 2 week period, and last month netted $2,760 more by focusing on the rental property market. We were prepared to layout thousands of dollars for a complete business overhaul but Sam said we didn’t need that so that was really great too.” – Tevor and Rene Peterson, Philadelphia, PA

“Are You Better Than The Other Guy?”

“My chiropractic practice is the focus of what I do, but my wife and I have wanted to spend more time together so we’ve been trying to boost our on-line vitamin supplement business. We spend what our competitors do and rank highly on Google but couldn’t seem to breakthrough.

Sam helped us focus our Unique Selling Proposition – which led into a very different website design that really makes us stand apart from our competition. They sell stuff. We sell stuff but ALSO provide great advice and have a really fun and interactive website. Our sales increased by an average of 17% from July to December at $10,547 which is enough for me to basically stop working and start writing the health books I’ve been wanting to for years. Thank YOU!” – Dr. Howard and Cherri Smith

“Who Says an Expensive $10,000+ Website Sells Better than a $500 Website!”

“In my search for a good website other than the boilerplate junk and expensive custom websites, I was referred to Sam Ingersoll website. I signed up for the free tips and was pretty blown away by Sam’s recommendation that my site be built on the free wordpress platform. I actually bought a design through one of the vendors he recommended and my site looks great – but wasn’t converting visitors into leads like I thought it would, so I came back and signed up for the Coaching Club. DUH!!!! I should have taken the advice to start with a good plan and figuring out how to position myself against my competition. Since revising my text, inserting Live Chat, and tweaking my telephone sales scripts I’m doing a lot better. I still haven’t got my tracking systems fully in place but I’d say my revenues are up $500/mo after spending about $500 on reworking the website…so about a 10:1 ROI over the next year.” – Scott Marchand

“How Can You Sell If Clients Can’t Reach You!?!?!?”

“My husband and I were referred by a friend to q2. Last year we spent a lot of time researching live chat and virtual 800 numbers, etc…but weren’t sure the best way to implement them. Sam gave us 2 recommendations including a full Live Chat system that would engage but not intrude on visitors or a free box that we could monitor while in our office. Oh, and he told us to make our phone number really big. That sounded simple so we did it, and then put in the free live chat box on our shopping page. We were pretty shocked that we had an average of 5 people a day ask us questions and picked up 33 new customers out of 149 chatters during the first month. Not too shabby – especially since the chat was free and we got the advice through a free workshop. We’re firing up the full chat solution and going to do some proactive telesales next and seeing if we can triple the results. You won’t find better internet marketing advice on line anywhere….so thanks Sam!” – Earl and Vanessa Gilbert

“Thanks for Getting My Website Design Job Done On-Time and Under-Budget”

“Last year I got ripped off by a designer who charged me $5,000 for a piece of garbage website that didn’t sell a thing. I found out later that it was a template and he had just installed it and created some bad graphics. Through Sam I was introduced to 3 different programming companies that do awesome work and just as importantly, the one I chose DID THE WORK ONTIME!!! I met a guy who is a programmer for a big company who reviewed the designer/programmers other work before i hired her and the guy said her code was very clean…which helps with SEO too so I’m really happy now.

I spent about $1,000 on my new site which was done in a week last October and since you asked about my return on investment i guess i’m making about $1,000 more in sales a month average. xmas was slow but that’s par for the market. Oh, I really like the discussion of how if you analyze your market and competition you can do graphic design that will appeal to that market but not impede sales the way bad design can.” – Denise Naud

“Who Wants to Overcome Writers Block and Create Copy That Sells!”

“I HATE writing!!!! Thanks for showing me how to duplicate headlines that work and answer a few basic questions to create the content I needed to generate leads. I may try writing a sales letter next. My wife is excited and she might try her hand at writing a book on household organization use the techniques we learned. Thanks for your help.” – Paul Jenkins



“Did You Know That What Your Visitors (or BOSS) Thinks Is Less Important Than What They Do?”

“My name is Troy and I work for a big on-line janitorial supply company. I can’t say who, because my boss thinks he knows all about websites but is basically an idiot. I did what you recommended to track which pages our site visitors we’re clicking on, and paid out of my own pocket for $100 worth of usability testing through the provider you mentioned and sent the videos too him. He was blown away and got kind of pissed off and was like – fine, you go fix it! So I did basically rearranging the website elements and menus for about $300. Last month we did 134 more sales at an average price of $179 so he’s pretty happy now. Guess who WON’T be getting laid off any time soon!!!” – Troy

“Do You Learn Best By Reading, Seeing, Hearing or Watching?”

“…not only did we define our competitive edge and create focused copy, we used Sam’s strategies to turn that copy into graphics, and then video clips using some free applications and a $259 HD super-simple easy to use video-camera. Both of us were pretty shocked by the research that shows that just ourselves talking outsells us spending $900-$2,000 on a professionally produced video or live website model. All our clients talk about our website and we feel like stars, but the best part is that our NET profit has increased by $4,500 per month by combining the good video pitch with the lead capture form and special lead capture pages. We had no idea that we were previously NOT making sales to people who just didn’t want to read, but who WOULD watch our videos.” – Tamara and Erik Browne

“How to Put Your Sales on Auto-Pilot or At Least Be 400% More Efficient!”

“We’ve used email auto-responder campaigns with so-so success during the last two years and found q2 when we were looking for a way to get around spam filters. We won’t ever tell how exactly we use email now since we’re in a really competitive industry, but Sam’s advice on strategy and how to improve the campaigns really worked. The neatest thing we’ve done is to use broadcast voice mail to our existing customer list to make them feel like we are thinking about them on a monthly basis. We’d sort of heard about these systems before and weren’t sure when Sam said that it depends on how we use them…but after some testing and refinement we were pretty blown away how well the clever tactics work. Our net income is up 35% since we got the systems implemented. Our sales staff is already about 200% more efficient and that’s without really training them yet. If there are openings in the Sam Ingersoll workshops you should at least sign up to get an overview.” – W. and J. Rhoades, Dallas, TX, October 3: 2010

“How to Patch Up the Cracks in Your Sales Pipeline!”

“Thank you for showing us how to reduce the hassle of buying from us and make us available to people who were going through our shopping cart. The chat system and the ‘non-sales sales training’ you recommended is also amazing!!! Our sales have already doubled on a monthly basis over last year and that’s saying a lot given the lousy economy! You can share this with anyone but pleeeessse do not use that photo of me taken at the training on your website : ) that was a really bad hair day.” – Linda


“How to Dump Your Expensive Lead Generation Company, Save Thousands and Earn Even More!”

“Your advice about refining my Adwords campaign and landing pages was Killer! My ad spend dropped by 37% AND my click through rate went up by 10% more than before. I even think I understand how you did it. My consulting business has taken off and my Dad’s manufacturing company is going to use the same strategies and the ones you shared about B2B marketing to survive the recession too….Thanks for getting the work done on-time and under-budget. I don’t know if you personally track your receiveables but my bill came to $987 and since you told us to track our ROI I can share that i’ve got 8 new clients which is around $4,000 in new business for me. Well worth it!! My Dad is going to have his staff join your Coaching program and may contact you directly about some work.” Dale Rivero

“Where I Got An Affordable, Top Quality SEO Solution”

“Sam Ingersoll created a comprehensive SEO plan for us and taught us how to outsource a lot of the work. The hardest part for us was creating pages of SEO’d copy and so that’s taken care of for us now at $10/page. Our time now is reserved for writing high quality articles that we syndicate through the article distribution channels you recommended. We are becoming extremely successful and well-known in our niche but please remove our name and don’t publish our company’s name since we do not want our competitors to find out about you. We’d prefer they continue to waste time buying and trying all kinds of things randomly.” [name ommitted by request]

“How To Make More Friends and Money with Social Networking Strategies!”

“Ok, so using Facebook and Twitter to market my business for FREE helped me earn $878 in the first month I started off of about 30 minutes of work per day. What has really been awesome has been putting all my happy clients together in my own social network website! The Moms love it and are basically doing my marketing work for me by inviting their friends to participate in our contests and group chats. It took a couple of months to build up some steam but now in my 5th month since joining the coaching program i’m on track to make $3,600 this month. P.S. I’m going to plow some of that back into your ghostwriting program and see if I can write a book and get on TV.” – Susan Nguyen

“We Stopped Chasing New Customers and Earned More From Current Clients.”

“Sam, We really appreciate your advice in telling us to stop chasing so many new customers via search engine optimizing and showing us how to earn more from our existing client base using a shopping cart and membership program. Thanks for helping us sort out the balance between internet advertising and word-of-mouth referral generation. This month we’re going to focus on establishing a relationship with several popular authors in our niche market who can provide content for the membership site while we focus on providing great service to clients. Our business is up around 10% a month, that’s an average of $500 and we only spent $100 on a half-hour consultation with you and $600 on the new website systems which we know could have cost us several thousand dollars.” – Lisa and Bobby Chau

“I Learned How Our Business Cards (and other Traditional Marketing) Could Actually Earn Us Money!”

I used to spend about $300 a month on everything from business cards to flyers and mailings. They didn’t produce a dime’s worth of new business but I thought I had too. I wasn’t ready to jump into internet advertising so I just took the ideas the q2 speaker told me about how to use my biz cards to offer incentives and generate referals and I’ve had 60 new customers in the last 45 days which is pretty shocking to me and my wife! We are considering joining the 20 week training program next to try some other things too.” Todd Senneff


“Being Recognized as an Expert and Getting on TV was the Best Business Move Ever for Me!”

“Yes, we dumped our old business and bought the private label rights to our friends book like you suggested. For under $4,000, we’ve turned that book into a membership website with 245 members paying $29 per month, eBooks and CD sales. Mark just appeared on MSNBC and the sales are through the roof. The advice you have us to “Write a Book and Be An Expert” was the best business advice we’ve ever received. We are sure the business card designs you suggested would have worked well, but now we just hand out our book! Stop telling people about this idea and making it so easy to get done!” Nicole and Mark

“Why You Should Steal Our Ideas and Do Them Better Than Us!”

“Simply going through your coaching program allowed me to structure my own. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve borrowed a ton of your ideas. P.S. Although I’m only focusing on one area of internet marketing, I’m charging 2x what you do : )” – Victoria Swafford

Editor’s Note: We can’t work with everyone that requests our help and are thrilled to refer people to Victoria.



“How a Talking Team = a Happy Team = a Profitable Team!”

“Our network marketing company has really struggled to make sure our members are connected to each other. Thank you for showing us how to create a new replicated website system for under $3,000, and integrate it with Google Apps. We did a survey and 85% of our members say they have become more efficient, 90% say that are less stressed out, and 64% have already seen some gains in their income. We expect more results to follow and if our members average a 2% sales increase we will see a massive return on our investment. We really appreciate your taking the time to learn that our company is an ethical company that provides value.” – Arthur and Maria Jones

“Using Outsourcing Was the Ticket to Higher Profits…”

“When we met you we expressed that we could not afford to do what you recommended. Thank you for making it affordable. Rajiv has been a God-send and we are on track to earn $33,000 more this year than last. We know that may not sound like much but it’s helped us pay off debt and cut back on work hours so we can spend more time with our kids.” – Michael and Alicia Court


“Evaluation and Updating Your Business Plan Pays.”

“We love how Sam Ingersoll didn’t just give us some advice and do a few things for us and then disappear. Sam’s insistence on our tracking the return on investment in the solutions he recommended has not only helped us feel very secure about our financial future, but has enabled us to share his solutions with many other friends who have adopted the same strategies and who are making a lot more money too. We can’t speak highly enough of your program. BTW our ROI on investing $3,450 with q2 is now at $18,600 and still going up.” – Andrew and Theresa Morris

“Business Optimization Works.”

“Once our income doubled we had to figure out how to reorganize our business. Sam and his team which included a great accountant/business consultant did a full business plan, helped us implement it, and is meeting with us weekly. We’ll do half a million more this year thanks to the strategies which in total have been just under ten grand.” – Laurie Reynolds