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Confused by all the Tech Gadgets? Save Time & Money by Using These Best Business Tools!

Attracting Visitors |   Capturing Leads |  Educating Prospects |  Closing Clients |  Generating Referral Commission Income |  Generating Referrals from Clients |  Increasing Your ROI |  Adding Revenue Streams

WARNING! Most technology companies will sell anything to you – even if they know that it will NOT work for your situation, skills, or budget.

We help you answer:

Question #1. What is the benefit of this tool or strategy?

Question #2. What can it help you do?

Question #3. How do you know if you should use it?

You’ll also discover which cool programs and applications we think are the best and discover Tips and Tricks to using them that 99% of business owners do not know.

Section I. Attract Visitors

Off-Line Marketing Materials

Existing Contact Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Content Network Advertising

Google Local Search

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Social Network Marketing

Content Distribution

Email Marketing

Section II. Capture Leads

Website Frameworks

WordPress Website Themes

IDX Websites

RETS Feed Management

Niche Websites

Lead Capture & Communication Elements

Landing/Lead Capture Pages

Home Search Pages

SEO Pages


Blog Posts Page


Local Content




Virtual Office

Home Page

Section III. Educate Prospects

Compelling Headlines

Key Messages – Copywriting

Short Text

Power Point



Educational Page Text Content

Blog Posts

Email Newsletter

Email Educational Series





Section IV. Closing Clients and Sales

Real Estate CRM – Client Relationship Management Systems

Live Visitor Monitoring

Suggested Properties

Instant Response Mechanisms

Instant Follow-Up Tracking

Agent Accountability

Telephone Dialer

Automated Voice Messaging

Drip Email

Special Follow-Up Phone Scripts

Instant Offers & Incentives

Instant Webinars

In-Person Meetings

Section V. Generate Referral Commission Income

Special Strategic Positioning

Follow-Up Phone Scripts & Program

Live Lead Transfer

Agent & Lender Double Follow-up

Getting Clients to Stick with the Agent

Quality Control Client Surveys

Section VI. Generate Referral Clients

Instant Ask


“Do Gooder” Community Builder Program

Broker Non-Profit Foundations

Blog Posts Subscription

Email Newsletters

Print Newsletters

Print Postcards

Other & Offline Referral Reminders

Section VII. Increasing ROI Through Secure, Effective, & Efficient Management

Systems Infrastructure

Website Hosting

VOIP Systems

WordPress Security

Data Back Up Systems

Website Content Monitoring

Social Network Reputation Monitoring

Instant Response

Help Desk

Tech Support

Training Programs

Internet Market Strategy Evaluation

Basic Analytics

Effectiveness Testing Program

Tech Systems Evaluation

Website Load Times

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Competitive Intelligence – Competitor Monitoring

Section VIII. Incorporate Additional Revenue Streams

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