REO Asset Management

Do You Want to Sell Your REOs
Faster and for More Money

“Sell the properties fast and make me look good.”

That’s the #1 thing every REO outsourcer, servicer, and investor tells me that they want from a real estate brokerage or agent who lists their REOs.

So, if you could sell them faster…

Would you also like to sell them for MORE MONEY too?

What if you could sell them extremely fast but with an unprecedented level of Security, Safety, Oversight and Accountability?

Here are 101 things a real estate broker or listing agent should be doing to sell your REOs faster and for more money

Attract Ready Willing and Able Buyers BEFORE the Property is Listed

1. Top Placed Google Ads Advertise Foreclosures for Sale

2.Take up 30% of Craigs List Posts in Your Target City

3. Top Listing and Placement in Google Local Search

4. How to Buy Foreclosure Videos and Articles Search Engine Optimized and Submitted to More than 1,000 Social Media and Social Networking Sites

5. Foreclosure Sales Websites Attracts Buyers & Capture Contact Information

6. Home Search Website Design Captures Contact Information of Visitors

7. All On-Line and Offline Marketing Builds Data-Base of Buyer Prospects

8. All Leads Contacted within 5 Minutes of Information Request

9. Immediately Subscribed to REO New Listings Updates

10. Drip Emails and Videos Educate them on Buying REO Benefits/Process

11. Credit Repair & Financing Assistance to Ensure Qualification

12. Screening System Identifies the Most Qualified Buyers

13. Special Pocket Investor List Maintained

Faster Processing so Properties are Ready for Sale Sooner & Presented Better

14. 48-Hour Guaranteed BPO Turn Around Time

15. Utilize oversees vendors for data input to work around the clock

16. Same Day Occupancy Inspection

17. Maintaining 100% accurate MLS within 2 hours of property status changes

More Marketing of Individual Properties As Soon As Available

18. Individual Property Video and Lead Capture Website Created

19. Immediate Advertising in #1 – #3 Spot on Google

20. MLS Distribution to 10,000+ Real Estate Agent Websites within 24 Hours

21. Photos and Priority Placement on and

22. Property Details Syndicated to 1023 Social Media Websites

23. Property for Sale Videos Viewed on 53 Video Sites

24. Private Network of Agents Facebook “Likes”, “Shares”, and “ReTweets” Property Website & Blog Posts

25. Property Highlighted on Radio and WebTV Show

26. Multiple Signs Placed on Property

27. Listing Lights Provide Visibility at Night

28. 800 Number Call Capture Hotline

29. Text Listing Cell Phone Number Buyer Lead Capture

30. Website Highlighted to Drive Prospects Into Lead Capture System

31. 24/7 Live Chat Agent Available

Better Maintenance

32. $50,000 in Available to Cover Cash for Keys, Utilities and other Expenses

33. Weekly Property Inspections

34. Property Inspection Photos On-Line

35. Weekly Property Update from BROKER, Regardless of Property Status

36. Monthly marketing report on listed assets

37. 24/7 Emergency Hotline Number

38. Poor Service and Fraud Reporting Hotline

39. Incentives for Neighbors to Monitor Property and Report Problems.

40. Emergency Protocol for Disasters

Faster Response to Better, Multiple Offers

41. Special Just Listed Foreclosure Blasts to Buyer Prospects

42. Instant Notification to Agents

43. Neighbor Notification Postcards and Door Hangers

44. On-Line Offer Submission

45. “Already Receiving Offers” Notifications

46. 100% Offer Transparency

47. 24/7 service

48. Instant communication

With More Security, Safety, Oversight and Accountability

49. Broker Views EVERY Property

50. Broker Approves ALL Listing BPOs

51. Offer Property Management Services

52. Listing Agent DOES NOT Represent Buyers

53. Submit all offers to seller

54. Cloud based computer system allowing for anywhere access and up to the minute data backup
Off site data storage

55. 100% Legal Software Licenses on ALL computers

56. $1,000,000 in general liability insurance

57. $1,000,000 in Errors and Ommissions Insurance

From a Broker You Like and Trust

Family owned and operated business with ties to local community

Providing the highest possible standards of business ethics and professional courtesy

We do not bribe clients for property assignments

We do not buy our own listings

We do not make money off property preservation

We do not flip properties


More Buyers = Multiple Offers
Better Property Presentation = High Offers
Faster Processing = Faster Sale
Tougher Negotiations = Higher Net to You