Real Estate eBooks

Use Downloadable Real Estate eBooks on Your Website to Generate Leads & Educate Prospects

When visitors land on your website you need to convince them to give you their contact information. Offering a downloadable educational product is a strategy for doing this that you’ve probably seen before.

However, usually the eBooks are generic looking with poorly written content that does not help educate the visitor or help establish you as The Local Expert. In fact, using a badly written poorly designed eBook can hurt your reputation. Take a look at this one.

We are offering something better…

1. A high quality design with or without your photo.

2. Professionally written Real Estate eBooks on 14 different topics.

3. A lead capture page with a built-in auto-responder email service that will deliver the content over a period of a few weeks to ensure that you stay top-of-mind.

4. Installation and linking of the eBook graphic on your website to the lead capture page.

How can you get your real estate eBooks?

I’ve partnered with the guys who run “ReTechulous” to create these for you. Click here for full details on the real estate ebooks program or to get started now.

Here are some examples! Wouldn’t these help establish you as The Local Expert?

New covers are coming soon.

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