Do You Need Help with Planning, Writing, Creating, Packaging, Publishing, and Promoting Your Books, Products and Services?

The mission of Ingersoll Publishing is to help people with unique stories, ideas, and skills make the world a better place.

We accomplish our mission by helping you plan, write, create, package, publish, and promote your books, products and services.

Our one-stop-shop system helps you overcome obstacles to your writing, speaking, coaching or professional career.

What’s Stopping You?

1. Do you want to be an author knowing that the recognition you will receive in your field will boost your career but don’t have time to write?

2. Is your desire for a “perfect” book stopping you from sharing or selling your valuable ideas?

3. Do you have a wonderful book completed but are you not selling enough copies?

4. Do you want multiple streams of income but do not know how to package and promote your knowledge well enough to live your dreams?

Overcome These Obstacles

We can show you how to solve these problems, or if you don’t have time to learn, we can do all the work for you fast.

Traditional publishing models are usually blind to the possibilities of the internet and the speed required for success.

Welcome to Publishing2.0.  Our fast, affordable process guarantees results.

Why wait?

Why do it all yourself?

Fulfill your dream of helping people by becoming an author or speaker – or boost your professional career to new heights by establishing yourself as THE Local expert in your field.

Full details on our process and packages will be posted soon. Call (484) 842-0062 for immediate assistance.

About Ingersoll Publishing

  • Dedicated
  • Purpose – Publishing Business 2.0
  • Fast Creation for Niche Markets
  • Product Slices
  • Self Publishing
  • Online Marketing
  • Creative Promotion
  • Flexible Contracts

The Planning Process

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Positioning
  • Timeline
  • Partners
  • Contracts


  • Outline
  • Daily Creation Cycle
    • Interview or Writing
    • Transcribe
    • Edit
    • Review
  • Edit
  • 3rd Party Testimonial and Review Collection
  • Review and Confirm Positioning



  • Your Brand Development from Positioning Your Value, Product & Services
  • Print
    • Book
    • eBook/eManual – Download
    • Magazine
    • Newsletter
  • Video
    • Talking Head
    • Webinar
    • DVD
  • Audio
    • Podcast
    • CD
    • Teleseminar
  • Comprehensive Packages that Meet All Your Needs


  • Traditional Publishing Houses
  • Independent Publishers
  • Self Publishing
  • Private Label Publishing


  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Social Media & SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Traditional Media
    • Newspapers
    • Radio
    • TV
  • Speaking
  • Partnerships