Book Sam as Your Violently Agreeable and Hilariously Confrontational Guest


1. Guest Appearances & Interviews

Sam lives a few miles away from downtown Philadelphia and is available as a last minute guest on cable news shows and radio programs that focus on family, business or technology topics. Sam’s speech topics and blog posts are often on the issues of the day. In-studio or phone interviews are possible on short notice. Call (484) 842-0062 for more information.

2. 11 Minutes to Results TV & Radio

In September 2011, Sam is launching a webTV and radio show called, “11 Minutes to Results” which will correspond with the publishing of a book with the same name. Show production is done in Sam’s studio in his home in Media, Pennsylvania.

3. The Local Expert Magazine

Sam is the publisher of “The Local Expert” magazine and a number of other local real estate and living magazines and community blogs focused on communities in Pennsylvania and California.

4. Independent Productions

Production of your own TV and radio shows is available as part of The Local Expert package or for special projects.

5. Columns and Guest Blogs

Need link bait or a fresh and interesting take on the latest issues of the day that will drive traffic to your website. Call (484) 842-0062 to request a guest column or blog post.

Sam Ingersoll Phone Number

P.S. My Dad always said, “You can’t polish a turd,” but as you can see below, a little photoshop and click, wrinkles removed, blotches evened, chin evened, teeth straightened…so I guess he was wrong.

I’m not as bad as I looked and am ready to be booked.