Market Domination Training

The Only Real Estate Coaching Program That Will Double the Number of Transactions You Close Each Month – Guaranteed

1. Market Domination WEBINARS
2. Market Domination MASTERMIND GROUPS (Success Guaranteed)
3. Brokerage Market Domination Strategy & STAFF TRAINING

Market Domination Webinars & Workshops!

  • Are you tired of attending “good idea webinars” where you don’t get anything actually done?
  • Have you bought coaching programs or technology training from consultants who sold you services or products without caring whether they would work for your situation, skills, time, and budget?

After advising hundreds of agents, brokerages and other companies, we are convinced that the only way you will discover the real estate industry success you deserve is to create and implement a step-by-step approach to dominating your market.

1. Market Domination WEBINARS

Each week for more than 33 weeks, you will learn how to attract visitors, generate leads, educate prospects, convert them to clients, and generate referrals.

  • The curriculum follows Sam Ingersoll’s copyrighted 33 step real estate market domination process where you will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to double the number of transactions/month.
  • Each section of the curriculum is posted on a page of prior to the program beginning. Each page lists the topic, learning goals, implementation goals, how each agent should prepare. You are invited to submit comments and questions and even engage in discussion and debate – before, during and after each webinar.
  • Consultants and vendors are welcome to submit their own products for review in the in the comments section of each webinar page.
  • Classes are 1.5 hours consisting of the following:
    • 5 minute introduction of guests and format
    • 5 minute “Progress Presentation” by Agent who received a free 1 hour consultation with our expert team during the week. (A free consultation with our experts is offered to an agent chosen randomly from tweets, facebook shares, or blog posts about class.)
    • 1 hour hands-on workshop during which time agents work on their plans with the presenters after a brief discussion. Some homework may be required.
    • 10 minute “Strategy Smackdown” show-and-tell debate between consultants and/or vendors with Vote of webinar participants choosing Winner! (This exciting feature encourages participants tell all of their contacts to attend and vote, and spread news of the hard-hitting debate. It makes the Bloodhound Blog writers look like Puppies.)
    • 15 minute “Rapid Review” of 3 websites submitted by participants by our experts. (Only participants can submit their websites.)
    • 5 minute closing including preview of next webinar.
  • Each class page is updated after the webinar to highlight best parts of class and winner of the “Strategy Smackdown.”
  • Anyone can attend. But, VIP Attendees at $97/month have access to the recording of each webinar, confidential list of outsourcers, and detailed instructions on how to use the tools and strategies.

2. Market Domination MASTERMIND Groups! (Success Guaranteed!)

Do you want to completely dominate your niche markets?

You and 20 other top producing agents will focus completely on developing and implementing your comprehensive Market Domination plan.

From strategic positioning to key message development to website design to social network marketing – everything you’ve heard about is here during weekly 2 hour hands-on workshops. Never seem to get around writing content? You will now!

Exclusive participation is limited to 20 agents per Mastermind group. Guest trainers charge up to $5,000/day to provide onsite consulting for corporate clients. Your investment is only $97/week – that’s less than $50/hour. (Private consulting with Sam is available at $497/hour.)


  • The Workshops parallel the Free course schedule but are intensive 2 hour, small group hands-on workshops where you focus on getting your Market Domination work done. You don’t just “listen” – you actually do work.
  • You receive individual consulting from our expert team and/or other experts. Graphics are reviewed. Website copy is written. Facebook Fan Pages are created.
  • You also receive access to our low-cost, quality freelancers to help you at rates as low as $3 per hour.

Many Consultants and Coaching Programs charge $500 for 6 – 8 week courses of 2 hours per week where they address individual topics like SEO and Social Network marketing. Often, agents do NOT achieve the results promised from these courses.

The reason is that, for example, the agent may not have been ready to work on SEO but the coach didn’t tell her that. Or, she was told to “blog” when she doesn’t  have time and is not a good writer.

We only accept 3% of the participants that apply to participate. Why? We feel it’s dishonest to sell someone a “full package” of training – or anything else for that matter, if they don’t have the time, skills, motivation, or money to do the simple first steps.

Make sense?

3. Broker Bootcamps!

Need training for your entire brokerage?

Sam Ingersoll offers intense bootcamps on a limited basis to brokers who typically become strategic partners.

The Fall 2011 Training Schedule Will Be Online Soon. Please call (484) 842-0062 for Broker Bootcamp Information or to reserve your spot. Availability for each of these options is extremely limited.