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Do You Need a Speaker That Will Never Leave Your Audience Bored? How About a Speaker that Inspires & Provides Specific Tools for Success?

Sam Ingersoll provides keynote speaking and break-out session training services for Associations, Corporations, and Non-Profit Organizations.

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Business Association Speeches

Sam Ingersoll Financial Planning

  • How to Up Your Business in a Down Economy by Becoming THE Local Expert
  • 3x the Profit in ? the Time
  • Attracting Affluent Clients & Customers
  • Tax-Free Retirement – Protecting Your Lifetime of Work from the Government
  • 8 Strategies of the Millionaire Small Business Owner
  • Earning More Money – More Easily by Automating Your Business
  • Hitting Your Sales Target! Ready! Aim! Fire!
  • Work Less & Earn More by Using Low Cost, High Quality Outsource Talent
  • The Ruthless Charity: How to Dominate Your Market for Good
  • The Ruthless Professional: How to Dominate Your Market for Profit

Inspirational & Business Topics

  • From Sickness to Health, and Poverty to Wealth
  • From Dumpster Diver to 5 Star Diner!
  • Running a Business the Right Way to Make More Money – More Easily
  • How to Make People Feel Like Buying Your Stuff
  • Turing the Skeptical Wife into a True Believer – How to Finally Make it as an Internet Entrepreneur
  • Winning While Failing
  • The Magnetic Business: Attracting Clients Effortlessly
  • Clutch Performance – Clutch Business Owner – Clutch Employee

Youth & College Market Topics

  • From Jail to Yale
  • Discovering Your Passion
  • Purpose and the Price
  • From I Am to I Am Great
  • 8 Characteristics of Great People
  • From Student to Millionaire by 30
  • From College to Success AND Happiness
  • From Small Fish to Big Fish in an Internet Pond
  • From Turned-Off to Turned-On by Life
  • Getting into the Right College for YOU
  • (From thinking about college to getting into the right school for you.)
  • Passion, Practical Preparation, Purpose for Choosing.
  • You Are Special – Now Live a Special Life
  • Improving Your Memory to Ace Your Classes and SATs
  • Combination of Dave Farrow’s Memory System, Practical Study Habits, and SAT study tricks
  • How to Get Straight As Without Thinking
  • Clutch Student Success
  • College Students Success Strategies
  • From College to the Business World
  • From College to the NonProfit World/Helping World/Service World
  • From College to the Internet Marketing World
  • From College to Athletic Industry Success

Family and Inspirational Topics

  • You Are Special – Now Live a Special Life
  • Get Rich, Stay Rich and Live a Happier Worry-Free Life
  • Cupcake and Cracker (adoption story)
  • Wanna Be Happy – Manage Your Family
  • You Can’t Change: Why Oprah, Dr. Phil & the Rest of the Self-Help Industry Are Wrong
  • When You Hear God – Listen…or Else…or Else What?
  • Punished by Blessings
  • Crazy Dad, Fussy Wife, Disabled Son and Little Black Daughter: The Joys of Being Different
  • Bad Dad
  • The Skeptical Wife: How You Can Make it By Working From Home and Why You Better
  • My Life as a Trophy Husband
  • From Cult to Christianity
  • You’re My Only Friend