Our goal is to help Iowa City area girls become better basketball players with a special focus on increasing their shooting accuracy and athleticism. We help organize and promote basketball shooting clinics, camps, and coaching with a special focus on girls basketball players.

We always attempt to use the latest scientific research, technology, and training methods including video of players, shooting aids, rebounding machines (Dr. Dish & The Gun), arch and consistency tracking (NOAH), and apps that track and prove progress over time.

Yes, your daughter can become a great shooter. Yes, she can learn how to shoot like Maya Moore, Katie Lou Samuelson and Steph Curry.”

+ Great Shooters Get College Scholarships

+ Very Good Shooters Are Starters in High School

+ Good Shooters Score More at Club & School Games

+ OK Shooters Play in Recreation Leagues & Gyms

Which would you rather be?

Iowa City Basketball Shooting Training Opportunities

#1. Open “Shooting” Gym with Cutting Edge Technology & Expert Instruction (FREE)

Coaches and parents are organizing an Open Gym at West High that uses the Dr. Dish, the Gun, and NOAH machines to allow many players to get up to 200 shots in 20 minutes.

Days and times will be built around interested kids schedules and volunteer availability.

Other opportunities are likely to be organized at other schools so even if you live in a different area sign up on the Pre-Registration form here.

#2. “Score More” Small Group Shooting Coaching for Current 5th – 10th Grade Girls (FREE)

This is provided by girls AAU coaches who want more girls to play basketball and get a lot better at shooting. We use the latest “shooting” scientific research and technology including manuals, videos, shooting aids, rebounding machines, and arch measurement while tracking progress over time via charting and phone apps.

Since this is a pilot program it is offered for free.

Your daughter will develop great technique. Then, for example, in a small group of 4, each player would shoot at least 150 shots in 15 minutes on our Dr. Dish machine and another 100 layups, finishing moves, post moves, and free throws. Days/times, locations, structure and results depend on who is accepted into the program.

A limited number of spots are available so Pre-Register here.

#3. StrengthU Basketball Camp

The StrengthU camp offers a one of a kind opportunity for Basketball Athletes entering grades 8 – 12 who have a strong desire to compete at the highest possible level of High School and Collegiate Basketball. Sessions will include advanced Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Plyometric, Fitness Training and Post-Workout Nutrition from Muscle Milk.

Many players and parents underestimate how important and difficult high quality training in this area can be.

Your son or daughter has the opportunity to train like a D1 athlete with JC Moreau, Former Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Iowa, and the former Head Strength Coach, Women’s Athletics, University of Arkansas. Pre-Register for the Basketball Camp Here.

#4. Girls AAU Basketball Teams

There are a number of girls AAU Basketball teams at all levels being formed by club teams including the Iowa Barnstormers, Iowa Basketball Club, Team Iowa, Energy, and Iowa City Thunder. Check the box on this Pre-Registration Form and we will let you know the latest information on these.

The Iowa Barnstormers 7th Grade Girls AAU team is currently holding rolling tryouts throughout the Summer and inviting 6th grade through 9th grade players to workout with the team. Click here if you are interested in these opportunities.

+ Would you like to play on a basketball team but don’t feel you are good enough?

+ Are you an a team and do you want to score more points?

+ Do you want to become a great shooter and blow away your competition at the highest levels?

Guess what?

You don’t have to be a great athlete to be a great shooter!

Everyone loves scoring!

Whether in recreation leagues, club or school teams, or just goofing around the gym…players love to shoot, parents burst with pride when their kid scores, and coaches are dying to recruit players who are great shooters.

More kids would like to play basketball in Junior High and High School but feel they aren’t good enough. More parents would like their kids to get college scholarships but know they aren’t good enough.

However, more Iowa City area AAU teams are forming and the opening of Liberty High creates many more opportunities for kids to play at Liberty and West High Schools in the future. So, now is the time to get kids more excited about basketball and having more fun by being better shooters!


*We are going and want to make it easy for you to go to!

Iowa Hawkeye Camp
Iowa City, IA
June 7 – 9

All Iowa Attack
Ames, IA
June 13 – 14

Drake U
Position Camp
June 18 – 19

Attack & Counter
Philadelphia, PA
Fly via Chicago
June 27 – 29

Elite Guard Camp
Wichita, KS
July 7 – 10

Shooting Breakthrough
Dubuque, IA
July 7 – 10

All Iowa Attack
Ames, IA
July 11 – 12

Elite Guard
Minneapolis, MN
July 21 – 23

Snow Valley
Girls Only
July 24 – 27

Elite Guard
Milwaukee, WS
July 31 – Aug 3

Elite Guard
Des Moines, IA
Aug 4 – 6


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