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Below is a comprehensive list of consulting and internet marketing services, as well as my recommendations on specific business software applications. My team offers some of these directly. Others are offered through affiliate links and even by some of our competitors. You decide which are the best fit for you. – Sam


WARNING! Buying internet marketing services or applications is a waste of time and money unless you have a comprehensive business and marketing plan. For example, do NOT advertise online until your website has content that establishes you as better than your competition. Need help with this? A quick consultation? A second opinion? Call Sam at (484) 842-0062 or click the links below for more details.

Market Research
Competition Monitoring
Strategic Planning & Business Planning

Internet Advertising & Marketing

Brand Development
Print Materials
Referral Generation
Local Search
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Facebook Fan Page Design
Social Network Marketing
Content Distribution (Social Media)
Video Marketing
Link Building
Email Marketing
Reputation Defense

Website Development

SiteMap Planning
Graphic Design
Website Programmers
WordPress Installation
WordPressMU Installation
BuddyPress Installation
WordPress Plugin Installation
WordPress Plugin Development

Servers and Hosting

Shared Hosting
VPS/Cloud Premium
IP Addresses
Backup Systems

Multimedia Content

Educational Graphics
Video Production
Audio Production
Avatar Production
Live Person Walk-on Models


Lead Capture Forms
Landing/Lead Capture Pages
SEO Pages
Blog Posts
Local Content
Forum Content
Key Messages
Power Point
Educational Page Text Content
Blog Posts
Email Newsletter/Blog Posts
Email Educational Series
Book Ghostwriting

Sales Systems

Website UpSelling
CRM (Client Relationship Management)
Live Website Visitors
Dialers/Voice Mail
Sales Phone Scripts
Sales Webinars
Client Surveys
Sales – Special Incentives

Technology Infrastructure

Networking Data Security & Back-up
Team Systems


Outsourcing Management
Training Program Development

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“In one hour, Sam cut through all the confusion I had about which of the hundreds of strategies I should use for my real estate brokerage. Ultimately, I hired him at his ‘friends and family rate’ of $197/hour to overhaul our website. We are generating new leads every day and selling listings faster” – Mark Shandrow, CEO,

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